sStockQuote – Freeware Portable Stock Quote Application

Actually, the utility’s title says it all – sStockQuote is a simple stock quote application with CSV export. This is a clean and fast stock monitoring utility, and nothing more above this functionality.

Bear in mind that there are no portfolio features or stock charts included in the program; it’s simply to provide a quick look at current stock prices. Stock data provided by Yahoo! Finance.

The utility is totally portable, and does not require installation on the Hard Drive. To use the program, just unzip to its own folder and run executable file sStockQuote.exe.

To start using the software, switch to options and enter symbols of companies that you want to track.
You can enter them directly if you know them, or search by the company name by clicking on the small Yahoo icon in the status bar to go straight to the Yahoo Finance website where you can look the symbols up.

Note that you may need to click on the refresh button in the main toolbar afterwards so the display is updated with the new information. Each line lists one of the stocks that you have added to the program. Stocks are listed with their name, date they have been added, last trade, change, 52-week highs and lows, and the exchange.

The program is not real-time stock market software and it has certain delay in reporting, based on the Yahoo! limitation (of about 15 minutes). It is still useful to keep an eye on stocks that you are interested in.

The program supports stocks from all over the world. Basically, every stock that is available on Yahoo Finance is also supported here in the program. A click on any of the stocks currently listed in the program takes you directly to the Yahoo Finance page so that you can get additional information about it including latest news, a chart depicting the performance of the day or another time period, and comparison with other stocks.


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