How TheStreet helps you to become better investor?

We would like to present one of the best known on the Web resource for stock traders – The Street. We will let specialists to give their overviews and ratings of the site, so you can decide how it can help to in successful investment strategy development.

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TheStreet Self-Presentation

TheStreet is a leading digital financial media company whose network of digital services provides users, subscribers and advertisers with a variety of content and tools through a range of online, social media, tablet and mobile channels. Our mission is to provide the most actionable ideas from the world of investing, finance and business in order to break down information barriers, level the playing field and help all individuals and organizations grow their wealth. With an unmatched suite of digital services, TheStreet offers all of the tools and insight needed to make the best decisions about earning, investing, saving and spending money.

Since its inception in 1996, TheStreet has distinguished itself from other financial media companies with its journalistic excellence, unbiased approach and interactive multimedia coverage of the financial markets, economy, industry trends, investment and financial planning., co-Founded by Jim Cramer, has a plethora of resources that range from free news, commentary, analysis and charting and quotes to paid subscription products such as Real Money, Action Alert Plus and Daily Swing Trade. While has a lot of credible products and commentary on their website, it’s extremely difficult for any beginner investor to discern what products are best for their investment time horizon and their risk appetite. This website is mostly targeted at investors who want some quick trading ideas, whether stocks, ETFs, or options, and who don’t want to deal with all of the countless hours of analysis themselves. While a lot of these products are extremely useful especially for the beginner trader, a lot of the advice and recommendations given within the subscription services and in market analysis are too broad. This makes it difficult for investors to understand the exact investment quality of the recommendation and whether or not it’s suitable for them to use.  However, the quality of the traders on this site is extremely professional, and the knowledge and experience that they have to offer is really valuable.  As professionals trading a lot of money, you can learn a lot about the markets and how money managers think, but what works for them doesn’t always work for the small individual investor because we don’t have that much money to work with.

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TheStreet.Com is a mini-conglomerate of free and subscriber services. It could also be called the Empire that Jim Cramer Built. With the advent of Jim Cramers Mad Money and with his constant references to the charitable trust, TheStreet.Com and RealMoney.Com Portfolio Buzz decided a visit to the empire was required!

TheStreet.Com is a multi-authored blog where articles and commentaries are cross-referenced to different topics and/or web locations and authors. Much of the information is free and accessible by any site visitor. If a visitor strays into subscriber territory, then Cramer pops up to help you get a free trial or to subscribe.

Most of the high-powered subscriber services are located at Real Money.Com, which appears to be just a secure section within TheStreet.Com itself. Access to RealMoney.Com is through the high-level navigation at the top of the Street.Com page. However, just to confuse the visitor a bit, there are also free services listed on RealMoney.Com, much of which duplicates what is available on TheStreet.Coms home page.

Subscriber services are focused on consumers and professionals. There are 13 consumer-oriented services plus a bundled subscription that covers a popular group of individual subscriptions. These services include such topics as Stocks under $10, Value Investor and Cramers Action Alerts Plus which addresses stock actions within his Charitable Trust Portfolio. There are 2 subscriber services for Professionals including The Street View which is a real-time discussion for hedge fund managers and other buy-side professionals.

Other features include the video-based TV which highlights Cramers discussions of stocks and the market, comments by other TheStreet.Com contributors and staff, and interviews with Wall Street professionals and Industry executives.

TheStreet.Com also provides a nifty calendar of economic data coming during the week and a calendar of earnings release dates, each of which can highlight key catalysts for stock and market movement.

All in all, a comprehensive website with the kind of current, expert articles and opinions necessary to get homework done before making investing decisions. 

While TheStreet.Com content is excellent, the website is not easy to use.

Primary navigation is focused on three major sub-divisions: TheStreet.Com, RealMoney.Com and Street Insight. Some free services are duplicated between TheStreet and RealMoney, such as all accessible Cramer items and Video and Audio features. Yet, it looks like RealMoney is supposed to be fully subscription based. Street Insight is the only place where professional services are available, yet, most visitors will try going there (professional or not) because the website design directs a visitor in that direction. For the first time visitor, this high level confusion can dampen enthusiasm for the site.

There are lots and lots of ads and sponsoring partner banners; lots of blinking lights. And, offers for subscription services and free trials show up everywhere. While the primary purpose of the website is to make money for the owners, many visitors will retreat and never consider the content because of the emphasis on marketing.

TheStreet Ratings

While you got some thoughts for consideration from specialists, it is nice to know, what simple investors, like you and me say about, isn’t it?

  • The site rating at famous rating site Epinions is 4 out of 5, based on 9 reviews.
  • The site rating at Investimonials is 3 out of 5, based on 15 reviews.

So, may be, it is time to check for yourself? You can start from exploring free service offered by this site, and you may decide later to purchase certain premium services.

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