Investopedia Stock Simulator

Investopedia is one of the best sources to get useful information for all investors: beginners and quite experienced traders. It is offering a free stock stimulator for all users. Beginners are able to enjoy risk-free skills and experiences acquisition, and those who already got taste for real moneymaking on market that may just serve as nice competitive game.

Why Use a Simulator?

Investing in the stock market can seem like an intimidating and complex task for many new investors. Investing brings a considerable amount of rewards, as well as risks. So, before putting your hard-earned savings on the line - why not practice with a virtual account?

The Simulator uses real data from the stock markets in order to reproduce the experience you’d have using a real online brokerage account. Users are provided with a virtual cash balance and can place virtual trades using real market data. Some use it to test out new investing strategies and others use it to experience what it “feels” like to place a trade. Whatever your level of financial knowledge, the Simulator can help make you a better investor.

Using the Simulator for Placing Trades and Managing Portfolio

Investopedia has made is extremely simple for you to join new games, create games, and trade stocks in your portfolio. The big plus about Investopedia is that everything is free game: market orders, limit orders, stop orders, buying on margin, and even trading options.

So once you register and make your first trade and it shows up in your portfolio, you will see exactly how that position is performing.

Advantages of using Stock Stimulator

* Join the Investopedia Simulator for FREE and receive $100,000 in virtual cash! Put your trading skills to the test against other users and see where you rank among the thousands of Investopedia traders. Beat the rest of the pack and trade your way to the top!

* The Investopedia Simulator is the ideal platform to get your financial feet wet! Submit trades in a safe simulated environment before you start risking your own capital. Put your knowledge to work in a formal and realistic way; stop reading and start doing!

* Interact with thousands of other users on the Simulator! Connect with other traders from diverse backgrounds and experiences, and learn the methods behind their trades to become a better investor.

* You have ability to leave yourself tips on your stocks, as well as check out the tips that other people have left on their stocks to see what is on people’s minds as they play the game. There are also excellent forums that you can take part in to talk with other players and learn new strategies and tips as you try to make your millions in the stock market.




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