SocialPicks – Social Network for Stock Traders

Getting a smart idea in time might worth a million for an active stock trader. SocialPicks might be one of these places for you where you can get nice and profitable stock picks and ideas. SocialPicks is a community where stock investors exchange ideas and track performance of well-known financial bloggers.

How it works?

Members are assigned rankings based on the average return of the stocks selected, the accuracy of picks (gains need to be above 0%), and the quality of brokerage analyses. These rankings can then be used to compare members to one another. In addition, SocialPicks also tracks picks by gurus (e.g. Warren Buffett & Jim Cramer), professional analysts, and various financial bloggers so you can see how well you perform against them. SocialPicks also provides a forum to share investment ideas and market research, with the assumption that as a community, members can better understand the market to make informed decisions.

What you can do there?

  • 1.       You can get daily fresh investment ideas provided by fellow investors and by prominent investments Gurus.

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  • 2.       Make you research and check how other relevant investors are evaluating your potential investment choices.

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  • 3.       Establish a credible investor identity and sharpen your technical research skills for choosing right stocks to trade.

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  • 4.       Receive email alerts & RSS Feed for any new activities in your community in area of your particular interests.

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  • 5.       Collaborate with fellow investors in your network, establishing contacts with people who share your interests and passion for stock trading.

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Participation is free with no strings attached. Sign in:

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