Piggy Market Squeak – Free Tool for Financial Technical Analysis

Piggy Market Squeak is an easy-to-use alert system for detecting trends in financial stocks and shares quotations based on technical analysis. It comes with a user-friendly graphical user interface and an email alerts system. It can highlight and sort buy and sell signals from diverse market places or personal portfolios. 

It is versatile and can easily integrate new markets and indicators.

Piggy Market Squeak can be seen as an easy to use, out of the box technical analysis tool.
Highly versatile, it can integrate any stocks and shares market trend indicators based on open, closed, high and low prices, and trade volumes.

Piggy Market Squeak also provides an extensible interface to interact with third party indicator calculation tools, any market lists and quotations available on the Internet and any email server.
Pure java application using SWT, the more advanced features of Java 6, multi threading, JMS queue, Spring and more. It is highly versatile and customizable.


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For installation convenience, the download comes with a small sample data base.
A more consistent database is available for installation the first time you'll do a quotation update.
As it stores historical data, the software will need a minimum of 2 Giga bytes of disk.

User Guidance and Features


You first will choose the market you are interested in and the web service provider for the quotations history data.

The custom yahoo indices gives you the possibility of selecting your own yahoo indices among the existing indices offered by yahoo (ex : http://finance.yahoo.com/intlindices).

The already created lists are lists that have already been created during previous market selection.
The refresh items offers the ability to refresh the market list of shares, their quotation history data as well as advisors recommendations.

You can also upload your shares list description from a file if they are not available in any markets or indices.


Offers the possibility to load and export advanced report from gnucash.

In the bottom sash window each tab contains a portfolio. You can add/remove portfolios and in each of these add/remove shares.

You can see the quotations history data for each share in the above portfolio charting window. The quotation history data can be displayed relative to the buy price or to the history of another preselected share.


In the top sash window, we show a tree view of the events triggered for the currently selected market since the start date indicated in the left column.

The events are sorted in different tabs: selling, buying and neutral events.

The weight thresholds and the calculation mode of the events are based on signal indicators. They can be selected and refined in the left hand column menu.

In order to have the events calculated, you will have to refresh them in the left hand side menu.


Autoportfolio will be automatically updated and managed on indicator signals events following your threshold settings.

Screening portfolio are updated following advisors recommendations from divers sources.

Developers’ Website: http://www.gthoreton.co.uk/

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