TickInvest Stock Charting Freeware Software

TickInvest is a user-friendly real-time stock charting and technical analysis software. It supports real-time charts, indicators, trading-strategy back-testing, stock screener, drawing tools, and real-time quotes.

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Main Features

Real-Time Stock Charts 
  • Customizable Indicators - Use indicators in your charts that are already included in TickInvest or create your own with TickInvest Script
  • NEW! Customizable Drawing tools - Already included Drawing tools are: Line, Ray, Parallel Lines, Horizontal Line, Vertical Line, Triangle, and Rectangle. You can create your own drawing tools with TickInvest Script.
  • Multiple Timeframes - For example, you can analyze a stock in a 1-Minute, 5-Minute and in a 60-Minute chart.
  • Fast chart zooming and scrolling
  • Candlestick, OHLC and Line Chart Types
  • Real-Time Quotes           
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Data providers 
  • Interactive Brokers - Real-time and EOD data
  • Yahoo Finance - free EOD data  
Trading-Strategy Back-Testing 
  • Backtest whole groups of stocks.
  • You can select a composite for each group of stocks.
  • History Database - Recall any previous script with back-test results
  • Very fast back-testing   
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Stock Screener

  • Customizable stock screener - Create stock screens with TickInvest Script
  • Custom result-columns - Add custom columns to your stock-screen report
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Powerful Script Language

TickInvest contains a very flexible script language, so users are not limited to the currently available features. You can just create your own way of the stock analysis.  You can back-test your trading strategies, create your own indicators, screen for stocks that match your trading-strategy or even create your own drawing tools.

Java Plug-ins

For the users who are able to program with Java, there is even more reasons to use the TickInvest software, as they can easily create new plug-ins for TickInvest. Source code is available for all TickInvest script functions and the documentation explains it in detail.

Future Development

Real-time alerts, more professional drawing tools, new indicators, new script functions, level II stock quotes, time and sales screen, trading simulator, additional data providers and many other unique features are currently under development. Most of these features are not available in other stock charting utilities.


Download latest software release from May 13, 2010. This is a FREE beta version, valid until August 31, 2010. Before this version stops working, you will be able to upgrade to a new FREE version.

Author: Erich Behmen

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