Free investment advisory platform through Hedgeable

Hedgeable is an online portfolio management service which gives retail investors the tools to grow a portfolio in both up and down markets.

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Hedgeable sends users email alerts when a trade is recommended in their account. After the trade is executed, the user reports the details back to Hedgeable, where they receive ongoing performance and risk reporting. Trading is kept to one trade alert per month on average.

Hedgeable is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with the SEC.

Developers specify that the platform is designed to be used by investors that manage over $100,000. If your total liquid assets are less than this amount, the efficiency of the system used might be limited.

The Hedgeable platform consists of a broad range of investing modules built to help investors throughout the entirety of the portfolio management life cycle. On the Hedgeable platform, you will have access to many of the most cutting edge investment techniques in use today, all constructed around our three pillar philosophy:

Simplicity- Sophisticated Investing, Made Simple.This is the motto you may have seen on our homepage. We don't believe you need to use highly esoteric instruments to accomplish great things. If you are unable to explain anything we do in less than 5 minutes to a client or a friend, then we are not doing our job.

Flexibility- We understand there is no silver bullet investing solution that will fit every need. This is why our technology is built to be flexible enough to handle a multitude of instruments, asset sizes, sophistication levels, and risk tolerances.

Low Volatility- Eliminating large losses, managing drawdowns, and seeking low beta absolute returns, allows a portfolio to have steady growth over time, without the need to use leverage or risky techniques.

What the system can offer to individual investors:

  • ·         Investors of any sophistication or experience level can use the platform with ease.
  • ·         Build a new customized ETF, stock, or mutual fund allocation that is right for you.
  • ·         Receive ongoing step by step trade alerts for your portfolios to manage risk and create alpha.
  • ·         Look at dozens of powerful analytics on your portfolio live; use cutting edge tools to help you decide when to make changes.
  • ·         Customized news, markets alerts, and our proprietary security center give you all of the resources of a top investor.
  • ·         Stay apprised of everything going on in the capital markets. Follow the trades of The Hedgeable Funds, read Hedgeable research and market commentary. Best of all, access everything 24/7/365.

 There are three levels of support: Basic plan, Premium plan, and Professional plan. Basic plan is free for the users. It offers:
  • Daily Account Dashboard
  • Portfolio Breakdown
  • Portfolio Analytics
  • VaR Analysis
  • Portfolio Alerts
  • Portfolio News
  • Global Market Dashboard
  • Multimedia
  • Security Center
  • Portfolio Builder
  • Hedgeable Funds
  • Capital Market Signals
  • Research Center
  • Dynamic Advisor Risk Management System

Portfolio limit: 1 Portfolio/20 Securities Per Portfolio.

About, a new online investment portfolio service, was co-founded by Michael Kane, a former analyst at Spruce Private Investors, a $2 billion money manager for ultra-high-net-worth families. “I quit my job to start Hedgeable because I was fed up with the amount of money retail investors had lost during the financial crisis, and decided to do something about it,” he said. Mr. Kane started the company earlier last year with his brother, Matthew, who serves as chief technology officer.

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