QuotesStation Freeware: a portfolio manager and a financial portal for your desktop

QuotesStation is all-in-one freeware package, designed specifically for the financial investor. It is a portfolio manager, browser software and a financial portal for your desktop.

Why use QuotesStation as a browser Software?

- Surf on multiple websites simultaneously on one screen
QuotesStation user interface makes it easy for you to create, arrange, manipulate and manage many tiled windows so that you can easily view and keep track of many pages at the same time. View as many pages as you want at the same time.

- Navigate with more comfort
How many times do you raise and drop windows while browsing? How often do you use more than one browser window while comparing one site to another? Now you can view 1- 2 or 30 sites at the same time within QuotesStation browser. Compare prices/ charts/ data/ searches, and much more, without leaving the ONE page. You can even save your multi screen browser for future reference. Navigating the web with QuotesStation's multiple document interface (MDI) is very comfortable.

- Build and save your own multi screen browser for future reference
Imagine logging in the morning and within minutes you're completely up to date with everything happening around the world. Use QuotesStation to save favorite arrangements of pages which you can restore at a later time.

- Select and save portions of a web page
Instead of cluttering your screen, or switching endlessly between web pages, just use QuotesStation to cut a porthole into a page. Only the piece that you select is visible.

- Surf the Web faster and more effectively
Because you can view other pages in other windows, you never have to leave the page you're currently on. Rather than continually going Back and Forward, you can retain an Active Connection with many Websites at once.

- Simple and dynamic navigation to Microsoft Internet Explorer and QuotesStation browser's favorites at one time
QuotesStation automatically load your favorites from IE. Collapse and expand branches of IE and QuotesStation favorites tree. You can view the list of all your favorites in one click.

- Load a list of favorite in one click
Many people have a list of favorite Web sites that they visit every day. And they can waste a lot of time selecting each one from a bookmark or favorites' list, and then waiting for the downloads. With QuotesStation you can load this list in one click. It makes Internet viewing more efficient.

- Search the favorites for a string in name, URL or comments
Can you find the site you went to last year, which had the word "Important" somewhere in the Title? QuotesStation can instantly Find any Bookmark, and it can Search using Remarks that you enter for each site. We've added this feature because it's lots faster to search for a favorite than navigating the long structured favorites’ tree.

- Integrated Internet Explorer
QuotesStation is built around Internet Explorer, so it supports all IE-supported features, and Microsoft Office integration lets you view and edit documents within the browser window. The program requires Internet Explorer 4 or higher

Why using QuotesStation as a portfolio manager?

- Manage your investment online
QuotesStation architecture brings the features of a professional trader to individual investors, all in one integrated easy-to-use window to collect financial information, conduct analysis, and provide portfolio management. You can see at a glance: how all your investments and your selection of securities are doing. QuotesStation Freeware covers the following markets:
-US and Canadians.
-Europeans: UK - Ireland - Germany - Spain - Norge - France - Italy - Denmark - Suede.
-Asians: Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, India, Korea, Singapore.
-South-Americans: Argentina, Chili, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico.

- One-click access to each company's information

-Free News. Access the latest information.

-Free Quotes. Open, high, low, last, change, time, volume, previous close, 52 week range, Earn/share and P/E. Near real-time

- Free Charts. 1 day, 5 days, 3 month, 1 year,2 years, 5 years and max.

Why using QuotesStation as a financial tool?

- Direct Access to a financial portal
We permanently watch the creation of new financial sites and prepare for you an inventory of the best free sites on the stock market. We sort them by themes and by rank. The financial portal covers the following markets: US and Canadians, Europeans, Asians and South Americans.

QuotesStation is translated in 4 different languages including English, French, Spanish, and German.

How to install QuotesStation?

To install the program, unzip the files to a folder of your choice.
Run Setup Program (Setup.Exe).This will install all of the Quotes station files into a subdirectory of your choice and create a Win program group for them.

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