Virtual Stock Trading for iPhone

We would like to introduce today a latest iPhone game developed by Neon Surge. It will help you to enhance your knowledge of the stock market and to learn the investment techniques and approaches without fear of financial disaster.

iTrade a stock trading simulator platform based on platform. It is actually considered the best and the only real stock trading simulator application for the iPhone. The biggest advantage of the iTrade is that you won’t risk real money, especially since it is absolutely free.

 With iTrade you can:
  • Manage a realistic $100K virtual stock portfolio.
  • Compete with up-to-date information about fellow top iTraders.
  • Search for and obtain stock listings with ease.
  • View the Hot-Stocks area, helping new traders finding stocks currently trading in high volume.
  • Trade with real time quotes to combat cheating and make a more REAL experience.
  • Research stocks using up-to-date news and detailed history graphs.
  • Interact with fellow iTraders through the embedded forums right within iTrade or in your browser.
  • Gain experience and knowledge about trading on the stock market.
  • Use iTrade’s intuitive controls designed specifically for the iPhone interface, making managing your portfolio simple and engaging.
  • Get amazingly efficient, optimized real-time graphs, news and detailed stock information, that might be converted in the real stock market winnings.
iTrade was designed to be realistic in every way, while preserving simplicity, fun, and education. There is nothing “fantasy” about it. Trading within iTrade directly simulates trading with a stock broker, including virtual brokerage fees. Trades are only executed during actual trading hours of the NYSE.


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Virtual Stock Trading for the iPhone

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