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Online Stock Exchange Trading Investing Simulation Game

What is Virtual Stock Exchange?
The use of virtual stock exchanges for beginners to practice and learn new skills and for families and friends to compete against each other has been growing quickly. If you are not familiar with this, it is certainly worth checking out.

Virtual Stock Exchange provides an online finance, stock exchange trading and business game, originally from Players in the Virtual Stock Exchange (VSE) game can set the parameters of their stock trading simulation, invite other players to join in and participate in unlimited stock and business game play. Its genre is stock market financial investing games.

Object of the Game
The object of Virtual Stock Exchange is to create a financial portfolio consisting of shares of publicly traded companies, and have a realistic simulation of participation in stock and financial market trading. Players create their own financial portfolios, and then manage the stock and financial portfolio in the business game simulation, with the object of having stock market appreciation and income. This stock trading game is designed to get students and investors interested in stock trading, the stock and bond exchange, and in the news and research services available from MarketWatch or other sponsors.

With VSE you can:
  • Create public or private games with a cash balance you set.
  • Choose from thousands of available games.
  • Test your strategy with a personal portfolio.
  • Leverage powerful news and research resources from MarketWatch.

How to Play?
In order to play, go to the game site for Virtual Stock Exchange (VSE), fill in the registration form, choose or create a new stock trading simulation game and then start setting up stock trading portfolio consisting of New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), NASDAQ, or American Stock Exchange (AMEX) stocks. Players have access to stock market and economic news and research from MarketWatch.

To get started playing Virtual Stock Exchange, players can create their own stock market simulation games by setting starting balances, margin requirements, volume limitations, start date, end date, etc. Alternatively, Virtual Stock Exchange players can join an existing game, or be invited to join a private stock trading game.
Once you're in a game, tracking progress is simple. Real-time rankings are available for all members and you'll see your own customized game summary on the VSE home page. You can also view portfolio summaries for you and other players in your games - and in all public games.

Trading Rules
All Market Open orders placed before the opening bell (9:30 a.m. EST) will be executed, based on the opening price, at or around 9:50 a.m. assuming there is sufficient Market Volume for the order. If there is insufficient volume for the order to be executed or an opening price has yet to be established (i.e. there is zero volume), there will be additional attempts to complete the order every 20 minutes until the market closes. If the stock does not generate sufficient trading volume by the closing bell, the order will expire. Also, the orders will be partially filled whenever possible (the remaining un-purchased shares will NOT be filled at a later time for Market Open orders).
All Market Close orders will be executed at or around 45 minutes after the closing bell (4:00 p.m. EST), assuming there is sufficient Market Volume for the order. If there is not sufficient volume to complete the entire order, it will be partially filled whenever possible. If there is no volume, the order will expire.
Your market order will be confirmed 20 minutes after being placed. It's possible that, during heavy trading, orders may be slightly delayed.
Each stop and limit order will be checked every few minutes to see if the stop/limit price has been met until the market close. Day orders will expire if the Stop/Limit price is not met. GTC orders will remain open until executed, if ever.

Game Data Overview
  • Name: Virtual Stock Exchange (VSE).
  • Category: Online Stock Exchange Trading, and Financial Portfolio Management.
  • Business Simulation Game.
  • Ages: Students, Adults.
  • Software: Web Browser.
  • Multiplayer: Yes.
  • Cost: Free
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