Free Trading Simulator TSimLite

TSimLite is a free trading simulator for day trading. It’s based on the proven trading engine at the heart of it’s bigger brother TSim+ (free software, but is designed only for those who has Interactive Brokers trading account), but because it uses index quotes rather than futures prices, there is no need to purchase a data feed or pay any exchange fees. You don’t even need any brokerage accounts - you can simply download TSimLite and start trading with live prices straight away, completely free. You can even get free live charts to trade from right here at Trading Simulation - everything you need!

Free Data
TSimLite uses a free data feed from DukasCopy. You can paper trade any of the following world indices: Dow Jones 30 - S&P 500 - Nasdaq 100 - FTSE 100 - CAC 40 - DJ EuroStoxx 50. You can also paper trade these currency pairs: EUR/USD - GBP/USD - USD/CHF - USD/JPY - And more...
Quotes are updated live every 10 seconds. The same data feed powers the free live charts you can find here on Trading Simulation, so you can start paper trading straight away, there is no need to open a brokerage account, no need to subscribe to any data feeds, and no need to buy a charting program!

TSimLite Features
- Simulated index trading and forex trading using live prices.
- No need to open a brokerage account or purchase a data feed, paper trade straight "out of the box".
- Open multiple positions in different symbols at the same time.
- Open P&L updates for all positions in real time.
- Optional Automatic Stop orders.
- Full logging of all trades for later analysis.
- Clear simple and intuitive interface.
- Countdown timer for timing chart bars.
- Two time zone clocks.
- Basic commission tracking.
- User configurable colors.




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