Free Automatic Trading Systems Application for Beginners

What is Webotron Stocks?

Webotron Stocks, a stock analysis tool, helps users find buy-and-sell points.

Technical Analysis for Beginners

A lot of traders are using mathematical formulas to find their trade opportunities. This kind of stock study is called technical analysis. For beginners the technical analysis of stocks is often represents a complicated mathematical and professional task. Webotron Stocks provides easy and ready-to-use technical interpretation of the charts and trends.

The most technical analysis software packages uses lines, curves and oscillators on its stock charts to visualize the stock movements. But only a studied eye can see BUY and SELL opportunities. Webotron Stocks offers a different form of visualization in using little symbols and colored areas to focus important chart information.

Webotron Stocks offers more than 130 trading systems. Each system has its own way to calculate trading entry and exit points. An activated trading system displays its BUY and SELL signals with the highest possible visibility on the chart. And a backtest informs you about the trading system performance.
If the user needs a second or perhaps also sixth opinion about the chosen stock, he can use the integrated “Decision Maps”. Decision Maps are like consultants which lay over a stock chart and could give you information about the current trend, resistance and support areas and much more. There are 23 plus Decision Maps (consultants).

Some Features

  • A great number of included Trading Systems.
  • Trading System Backtest System.
  • Automatic Trendlines (long, medium and short term).
  • Automatic Resistance and Support Lines.
  • Candlestick Signals.
  • Oversold - Overbought Signals.
  • Trend Map - Shows the trend on the chart.
  • etc.


Screenshot - Click to Enlarge:

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