The Jigaro Fibonacci Market Timer

The Jigaro Fibonacci Market Timer principle is based on the Dow theory, the Elliot Wave principle and the Fibonacci percentages. Even though there is no absolute certainty in the market, the use of this tool in combination with the proper technical analysis, will greatly enhance your chances at making better investing decisions.

The swing low percentages as well as the upside price projections are quickly calculated for you. You simply enter the low, high and direction of the trend line. If you have the communication enabled then the low, high and direction of the trend line is automatically imported as you draw trend lines in the System Fibonacci software.

How to use it:

The Fibonacci Market Timer is very easy to use. You simply need to identify and enter a trend’s high low. Press the calculate button and all the major retracements and projections get computed according to the Fibonacci percentages.

Press the new trend menu button (green arrow in picture above) to start a new trend. Enter a symbol for your ticker (necessary only if you intend to save this ticker), and the Start and End prices for your trend.
Trend High and low and the calculate button. The Market Timer can connect with the System Fibonacci charting software and automatically receive and calculate trend data as it gets charted live:

Connecting to the Market Timer from System Fibonacci

Retracement calculations. By clicking on any of the projection levels you can make that price the actual retracement level. The projection calculations are based on the actual retracement level. If you want to base the projections on a retracement level that is different than any of the calculated retracements, then you can simply enter it in the actual retracement box:

Projection calculations. You can click on any of the calculated projection levels qand the chart will readjust accordingly. The green and red arrows are used to change the direction of the trend projection, offering the flexibility of the various possible scenarios of trend behavior.

An Example:

The best way to illustrate the usefulness of the Fibonacci Market Timer is with an example. Lets study for instance the price action of QCOM over the several years. Starting in May 2003, QCOM established an upward trend line with a low of 14.38 and a high of 44.23. The trend line was drawn using the System Fibonacci FX software:

Given the trend figures, the Fibonacci Market Timer estimated a retracement level 32.83 with an upside projection of 51.28 (see green and red arrows in figure below). QCOM did in fact find support on several occasions at that level (1 and 2 above) and did reach a near term top close to 52.52 in May 2005 (3 above).

Ticker Notes:

An improved note taker was added with version Just like wordpad, if allows different fonts and colors. Copy and paste financial news, charts, insert images from your desktop or type your own notes. Print your notes or share them with the Export feature. Your team members or colleagues can then import your exported notes file into their own Fib Market Timer software.
Developer’s webpage:

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