Quick Quote - Simple and effective stock prices tracker


With Quick Quote you can have access to delayed stock quotes in an easy to use, lightweight application. The utility is designed for those that need to keep abreast of the market at all times. It’s simple to use and lightweight.

Quick Quote comes with a clean, simple installation. A simple and efficient application designed to give you the information you need.

Why you need Quotes?

How often would you like to know the movements of your trading stocks? The majority of us would like to spend hours, if not the entire trading day watching the price of our stocks move. It keeps you informed and ready to take action when you need to, this is usually at the most important stage of a trade, the entry and exit.

Quick Quote provides a simple to use, fast way to keep in touch with your trading stocks without the need to login to online brokerage or manually refresh watch lists. It sits in the background updating throughout the day, when you need a quote it is there.

Watchlist Updates

Quick Quote polls updates, it does not stream them. This makes the application very light on bandwidth. You can have it open all day without impacting heavily upon your download bandwidth.

When you set Quick Quote to automatically update your watch list, a progress bar counts down to the next update. This ensures you know exactly when an update occurs.

Stocks and Exchanges

Quick Quote is compatible with 50 exchanges from around the globe. If you have ever been curious about a stock from another country, Quick Quote provides the perfect solution.

Developer Website: http://www.stator-afm.com/quick-quote.html

Download: http://www.ziddu.com/download/3212943/QuickQuote_Setup.exe.html


Quick Quote is rated 3 of 5 on the RateItAll list of the best Free Software for Stock Trading.

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