TomorrowsPrices Utility for Day Traders

TomorrowsPrices is a free utility, using statistical techniques to determine probabilities of stock-market price levels. Applying historic files of price data along with current-day price quotes, short-term predictions of value to day-traders are produced.

The software is particularly designed for Internet day traders to use as a tool to predict stock market, forex and futures contract prices. The easy-to-use program requires a file of recent Open, High, Low and Close data, along with a current opening price quote. You’ll also need access to a stream of price information so you can see when the conditions for a trade have been met. Tools and charts to assist with all of these are provided as part of the program.

TomorrowsPrices offers two major distinct tools:

1) Predictions of extent of price movement
2) Predictions of direction of price movement

In the latest software version, both of these basic tools have been improved and updated. In addition, two new indicative trading strategies give more realistic performance measures, and the option of HTML output is introduced.

Note, that you need Microsoft runtime files to use the program. If the utility does not work after installation, you might update your runtime files library, downloading updates from Microsoft Website.

Developers Website:


Direct downloading link:


TomorrowsPrices carries the rating 3 of 5 on the RateItAll Rating List of 32 Utilities in Free Software for Stock Trading.

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