Stock Screener Lite Free Utility for Traders

Stock Screener Lite is freeware software that scans, filters, and screens stocks that meet a predefined set of rule(s). It also can plot, print graph, display Technical Indicators and also various chart format (Line, Candlestick and etc.). The rule(s) that is being used can either be of a Technical Analysis (TA) background, Candlestick Pattern or both. Stock Screener Lite is free. The limitations that exist are the number of filters built-in and Lite can’t do stock splits/dividend adjustment.

Stock Screener Lite only has 4 filters available. These filters include Moving Average cross over, MACD Buy Signal, RSI indicator and also Volume filter. The idea of making Stock Screener Lite free is that we would like users to try out the software without any time limitation set.

The main features of the Stock Screener Lite software:

* View and print graph
* Supports multiple Stock Exchange in a single database
* Comes with 4 built-in filters
* MACD Buy signal filter
* RSI filter
* Moving Average crossover filter
* Volume filter
* 16 different Technical Indicator can be plot on the graph
* Up to 3 Moving Averages can be plot on the graph
* Plots Bollinger Bands
* View Daily, Weekly and Monthly charts
* Line, Bar, Candlestick charting (High, Low, Open, Close)
* Plots William %R, Commodity Channel Index (CCI), Relative Strength Index (RSI), Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) and Money Flow Index (MFI).
* Plots Wilder’s DMI ADX, Wilder’s +DI/-DI, Fast Stochastic, Slow Stochastic, Chaikin Money Flow, Accumulation/Distribution, Rate Of Change, On Balance Volume and Average True Range.

What is the difference between Stock Screener Lite and Pro?

The single, biggest difference is the number of filters Stock Screener Professional has. Stock Screener Professional has 61 build-in filters while Stock Screener Lite only has 4 build-in filters. Stock Screener Pro can change the default value for each indicator, example Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) comes with default values (12, 26,9). In Professional version, you can change this value to other values, example (7,15,9). The other difference is that Lite can’t perform stock splits/dividend adjustment while Professional can.

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