Merchant of Venice Market Trading Program

Merchant of Venice (MOV) is a free, open source comprehensive stock market trading program, supporting portfolio management, charting, technical analysis, paper trading, and experimental methods like genetic programming. It features a graphical user interface with online help and includes full documentation.

Detailed Features List

MOV supports the following features:

  • Charting

    • Chart Advance/Decline
    • Chart Bar Chart
    • Chart Bollinger Bands
    • Chart Candle Stick
    • Chart Exponential Moving Average
    • Chart High-Low
    • Chart Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD)
    • Chart Momentum
    • Chart Moving Average
    • Chart On Balance Volume (OBV)
    • Chart Open/High/Low/Close/Volume
    • Chart Point & Figure
    • Chart Relative Strength Index (RSI)
    • Chart Standard Deviation
    • Chart an index of a group of any stocks
    • Chart custom indicators

  • Genetic Algorithms & Programming

    • Use evolutionary computation to tweak buy/sell rules
    • Use evolutionary computation to evolve new buy/sell rules

  • Gondola Language

    • Create custom buy/sell rules for paper trading
    • List only stocks in tables that meet custom criteria
    • Display custom indicator results in tables
    • Graph custom indicators
  • Internationalization

    • Catalan Translation
    • Chinese Translation
    • French Translation
    • Italian Translation
    • Polish Translation
    • Swedish Translation

  • Online Help
  • Paper Trading

    • Automated Paper Trade on buy/sell rules
    • Automated Paper Trade on family of buy/sell rules
  • Portfolio Management

    • Supports multiple portfolios
    • Portfolios support multiple cash/stock accounts
    • Chart portfolio value over time
    • Chart portfolio return over time
    • Chart any cash account value over time
    • Chart any share account value over time
    • Chart number of stocks held over time

  • Quotes

    • Access quotes in a HSQLDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL or other database
    • Import quote files in EzyChart, InsightTrader or MetaStock formats
    • Import quotes from the Internet (Yahoo Finance)

  • Sciptable with Jython
  • Tables

    • List all quotes on any day
    • List all quotes for any stocks
    • Sort stocks by activity, change, volume or quote
    • List only stocks that meet custom criteria
    • Display custom indicator results
    • List intra-day stocks in Watch Screens
Developers Website:

Detailed User Manual:

Direct Downloading Link:


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Merchant of Venice carries rating 4 of 5 on the RateItAll Rating List of the 32 Freeware Applications for Stock Trading.

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