Market Browser

MarketBrowser is a free tool that lets you watch stocks in your 401K, IRAs and mutual funds. The tool becomes a part of your desktop computer’s toolbar, helping you to easily keep track of your investments.

Market Browser was created by Leading Market Technologies, Inc., a software developer for professional traders, analysts and portfolio managers.

MarketBrowser sits above your toolbar, giving you easy access to your stocks throughout the day. The toolbar can be customized with stocks that you choose. Plus, by clicking on MarketBrowser, detailed maps of your stocks’ performance over the past year are available. You can arrange 12 onscreen stocks monitoring charts at once (in free version). Toolbar view shrinks to top or bottom of screen and the system tray icon offers quick view on top left stock when application is minimized. You can save multiple worksheets by different file names and open each later to view different Stock sheets (saves *.mbw worksheets to root of My Docs as the default location).

Under Favorites dropdown, you can choose favorite financial instructions from a list of common research websites, then click your chart, and use the toolbar buttons or the dropdown options and go right to your favorite site.

A big annoyance is a popup each time you start the software. If you click "cancel" button you will not get any other announcements until you restart the next day. But, next time you start the software - popup will be there again.

You can read more and install the software from the developers website, but you need to choose you browser: there are two options - for Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Developers’ website:

MarketBrowser carries the rating score 3 of 5 on the RateItAll Free Software for Stock Trading Rating List (32 utilities at the moment).

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