eTikr Stock Portfolio Manager

eTikr Stock Portfolio Manager is a Stock Software product from eTikr is a free software that allows user to get, monitor and analyze stock quotes and live market data directly in Excel. Streaming stock quotes can be configured to setup custom views for power Excel users.

Included are several pre-built Excel templates that make it easy for user to setup custom watchlists, alerts and more. Stock data comprises of over 40 attributes including moving averages, volume, price ranges etc, that can be used for building custom alerts and screens. The license of this business & finance software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this Business & Finance software.

System Requirements:

Windows Vista, Windows XP (Home/Professional), or Windows 2000.
Excel version 2000 or higher.

Highlights of eTikr

* Free - eTikr is absolutely free! Free Stock quote data made available without subscription.
* Privacy - eTikr helps to keep your stock information private, your data lives on your computer...not on a website.
* Live Free Stock Quote service - Updates stock quotes, and watchlists automatically in Excel.
* Templates - pre-built Excel templates to manage stock portflio and watch your favorite stock quote.
* Ease of Use - Easy to setup alerts, stock watchlists and portfolios.

What is eTikr

.* Provides stock market data and stock quotes directly to Excel, no need to download CSV files from websites.
* Watch live free stock quote data, exchange data, portfolio positions update automatically. Allows you to add stocks to a list that will keep track of the current price, change in price, volume, day’s range, the 52 week range, the P/E ratio and the previous day close.
* Includes several easy to use templates to setup watchlists, potfolio, and alerts. The portfolio allows you to add your stock transactions, your position the quantity, share price and trade fees. The spreadsheet will calculate your position cost, the current price, market value, gain loss in dollars and percent. At the top of your portfolio it calculates a total cash position, current value, portfolio value and the profit/loss.
* The portfolio history tracks each of your transactions. In your portfolio, you may choose to combine each company for an average price paid for a stock, in your portfolio history, the transactions will be separated and sorted however you choose (stock, date, buy, short, etc).
* Automatically updates stock market positions, profit/loss in-step with market movements.
* Will display the top 10 stocks with the highest gains for the day and the top 10 stocks that have lost the most value for the day.
* Works like a standard browser, does not require any special configuration.
* Use full analytical power of Excel to analyze current stock market data.

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