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MB Trading

If you are looking for the highest level of reliability, speed and order execution, then MB Trading is the name! They cater to the active trader who requires instant executions and confirmations with an easy to use trading platform, the MBT Navigator. The MBTX ’smart’ direct access order route will automatically seek the best fill and search for the best execution for your trade. Another option: Order routing can also be directed to an ECN like ISLD (Island), ARCA (Archipelago) SuperSOES and SuperDot. This enables clients to join market makers in advertising an order on the Bid, Ask, or in between the spread. MB Trading does not sell order flow. Simply dial their hotline for instruction and unmatched technical support.

Service geared to day traders!


Ameritrade (which merged with Datek) offers unlimited share trading via the web for $10.99. They also provide excellent customer support, extended hours trading, as well as options trading.

Brown & Co.

Brown & Co offers $5.00 per trade for up to 5,000 shares. As Brown’s ads constantly admonish, you must meet their requirements to open an account; 5 years investment experience, $15,000 minimum deposit.

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab offers a wide array of brokerage services. Commissions as low as $14.95 for active traders, or $29.95 over the internet for normal trading.

Daytrading.Net is a professional daytrading firm offering maximum leverage, instant executions and the most sophisticated Level II trading platform available. Offer worldwide direct access to NYSE Super-Dot, Nasdaq Level II, Island, Instinet and Archipelago ECN’s.

E*Trade Securites

E*Trade offers trading in stocks, options and mutual funds. Commissions as low as $14.95. Power E*Trade is also available for active traders.


Fidelity, a mutual fund powerhouse, offers a variety of brokerage services. Commission of 2 cents per share over 1,000 shares.


Trade online for as little as $7.95 per trade (unlimited shares). Option commissions as low as $14.95.

Merrill Lynch
Check local listings

Merrill Lynch’s home page. Includes market information as well as brokerage services.

Muriel Siebert

Siebert offers access to before and after market trading (Instinet and Selectnet). Online trading, research, IPO’s and quotes. Commissions as low as $14.95 for up to 1,000 shares. 1.5 cents per share over 1000 shares.

Quick & Reilly

Quick & Reilly On-line Investment Center. One of the first discount brokers, they offer research, quotes and checking access to funds. Commissions of $19.95 per trade subject to certain restrictions.


Scottrade has 75 local offices, commissions as low as $7 for online trades.

TD Waterhouse

TD Waterhouse offers commissions as low as $9.95. Free research, quotes and more.


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