Free Software for Smart Investors

When you start your trading adventures, you need to look for any professional assistance you can get. While your investment profits are limited for starter, the possible support options are limited. However, there are many websites giving professional advices for investors. Just remember, that nobody has a magic solution. Trading character is based on the market rule: if somebody gains, another one looses. Definitely, the main market trend is up, in spite of temporary ups and downs.

One of the ways to organize your knowledge base, investigate the potentials stocks to trade, follow up your portfolio, get news, and keep the records is using the special software, designed for the convenience of investors. While all the serious software programs are quite expensive, you can find some mix of the essential features in the free software offerings as well.

You might start using freeware programs, and when you get your first profits from your trading activities, you might think about upgrading your software to the full-featured program as instrument for your success development.

In this folder, I will present free software utilities for your use.

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