Inernet Stock Trading Introduction

Online stock trading is exciting. It can be a fulfilling hobby and a source of income. Many millionaires around the world have made their money by investing in stocks. 

Stock investments can bring lucrative profits short term and long term. Beware, it is quite addictive. When you start feeling with your sixth sense the further move you should do, and that action works for you, the excitement will give you the adrenaline boost comparable with sexual pleasure, adventure sports, or the strongest drugs.


Today you can buy and sell stocks around the clock in almost every stock market in the world. The US stock market is still very popular but why not investing in some of the great companies overseas? It has become so easy today to buy shares online that everybody with a PC and access to the Internet can do it.

What makes stock trading so fascinating? It is probably the possibility to get instant access to the markets. All the information you need is delivered in real time today at low costs. Stock quotes, fundamental data, news, charts. You can be your own investment adviser and make your own decisions.

Today there is almost no difference between a trader behind a trading desk at the bank and a private investor sitting behind his home computer. Both have cheap access to real time data of all the stocks they like to follow. The only difference might be the money an institutional investor has compared to a private trader.

If you want to invest online then you must decide if you want to do everything yourself or if you need advice from an experienced investment adviser. A full service broker can give you a helping hand with all your questions you might have but he will charge of course for this service. A discount broker will just offer you fast and cheap order execution and you will have to make all trading decisions alone.

If you are joining the trading community because you want to make quick profits, you are better off with a discount broker. You will trade more often and the cheaper commissions save you a lot of money provided that you make the right decisions and make profits. A broker will charge you around $5 to $10 per buy or sell and the fill through a discount broker shouldn’t take longer than a few seconds or a minute.

There are different types of trading platforms. The easy ones just offer basic order entry methods which are sufficient for the average trader and investor who places less than one trade a day. The more advanced ones offering highly sophisticated ways of routing your order to different market places. The advantage of these trading platforms lies in their execution speed but the handling requires some experience. Day traders who execute up to hundreds of trades per day are using such direct access trading platforms.

No matter if you are an investor or daytrader, the stock markets offer thousands of possibilities every day to make money. The US stock market alone is the home of thousands of different companies which have their shares listed with various stock exchanges. The shares are traded in real time every day for more than 6 hours, pre- and post market trading not included.

Online stock trading for beginners involves a lot of learning. There are numerous tutorial systems to assist with decisions. There is also information on the amount of risk involved in a particular stock as well as the information regarding the predicted return for any given stock. A word to the wise, don’t get in a hurry to put all of your money out there in the beginning. Invest it in small pieces, and then monitor the market closely. Win money or lose money, it is the learning from the actions that you are most interested in. If you lose all your money upfront, then you have nothing to put in, and your learning experience stops. Remember, that money can be made in any market trend period: up market, down market, and flat market. Do not loose your hopes. If you invest not just money, but also your dedication, knowledge, and time, you will eventually get profitable return on your investments.

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