Online Brokers Comparison Basics

After you worked out the theoretical guidelines for the online broker comparison thoroughly, you will have to finally make a practical decision, which brokerage will be the lucky one to get your money for trading shares. Not that you will not be able switching later, but that might mean additional time and fees lost. We would recommend make the deep homework first, before signing up for brokerage account.

But, who is the best for our needs? We will try assisting you in making the final decision by collecting all available information from the Web. Since companies’ selection criteria, set of features for comparison, and rating depends on the observer’s experience, area of interests, and affiliation (distinctive or secret), we would not recommend making your moves, based on one article or one source. The selection process should follow the scheme:

1. Check the comparison tables and comparison articles, and note on piece of paper the best candidates, based on the criteria you have established earlier.

2. After checking several sources, your choice should narrow down to up to three finalists, with certain set of priorities assigned to each one of them.

3. When you get to the final round, I would recommend visiting the Web Sites of the online brokerages you have chosen and read carefully all the information available, including small print. Important decisions cannot be solely based on other people opinions; you need to confirm that the data you are making decision on is correct and valid.
How can we help you? We will bring the data found from the different online sources to your fingertips on this blog, while not giving our personal opinion, something like informational broker or librarian. Conclusions and decisions will be all yours. But this is what makes the trading game a fun! Getting profits is good, but nothing can be compared with excitement and joy of the game.


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